Nephro-Urology Monthly : 2011, Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn Abstracts XML

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Cytomegalovirus and acute rejection in kidney transplantation   Editorial
Collapsing Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis: A Morphological Lesion in Search of Nosologic Identity   Review Article
Erythropoietin as an Immunomodulating Agent   Review Article
Percutaneous Renal Access by Urologist or Radiologist: A Review of the Literature   Review Article
Comparison Between Intravenous Urography and Computed Tomography Urography in Diagnosing Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction   Research Article
Treatment of Prostatic Abscess: Role of Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration   Research Article
The Effect of Biofeedback Therapy on ICIQ-SF Scores and Urodynamic Parameters in Patients with Stress Urinary Incontinence   Research Article
Relationship between serum leptin level and peritonitis in CAPD patients   Research Article
Obesity as an Independent Risk Factor for the Development of Microalbuminuria   Research Article
Protective effect of erdosteine on cyclosporine induced chronic nephrotoxicity in rats   Research Article
Effect of Dialysis Modality on Transplantation Outcome in Living-Donor Renal Transplantation   Research Article
Favorable renal allograft and patient outcome after transplantation in patients with diabetes mellitus: a five-year single center experience   Research Article
Cyclosporine Through and 2 Hour Post Dose Monitoring and Its Contributing Factors Among Pediatric Kidney Recipients   Research Article
Graft Hydroureteronephrosis Secondary to Inguinal Hernia: A Report of Two Unusual Cases   Case Report
Control and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome, Renal Failure and Hepatitis C Infection   Letter
Post-transplant anemia: treatable multifactorial pathogenesis and negative impact on graft and possibly patient survival   Letter
Hepatitis C virus infection complicated by kidney disease and author's reply   Letter
Controlling HCV Infection in Hemodialysis Units   Letter